Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Uzbekistan Constitution Day!

Although it's not as exciting as Halloween or Thanksgiving to most, there's some exciting news for Affinity:

AffWindow now allows for multiple instances! This can be used for dialogs, such as preferences and about dialogs, as seen in the screenshot. If it's not the main window, Affinity will draw a nice little X in the top right corner to close the window. It even changes color on hover and button press.
Also, though more on the minor side, AffFrame allows plugins to place arbitrary widgets in an HBox with the label. This allows for the preferences button in To-Do and the clear button in Favorites.
Otherwise, there are only some minor fixes and enhancements, and a new translation template with new strings.

In the Awn world, there are (at least) three new applets out on the forum. The 'exit' problem has been fixed in the terminal applet, and (I think) it now has initial tab support. Triggerhapp has been working on RGBA support in PyNot. Both the comic (Dilbert) and the Comics! applets got new comics and other enhancements. And, of course, work on the rewrite has been progressing, with partial thanks to a nvidia driver bugfix.