Saturday, March 28, 2009

Affinity Updates

I've been pretty quiet recently, but Affinity development hasn't been. Affinity now has a shiny new Clock plugin! It's pretty simple and displays the time and date in text form. The clock plugin uses the logo from MacSlow's Cairo-Clock in Affinity Preferences, so it needed an about dialog to give credit. I added a simple about button next to its preferences button. I figured all the applets should have one, so I added one to each. However, I thought all the star icons might be a bit overkill, and malept said that it wasn't obvious what the icons represented. So, instead, I made a plugin button with the plugin's icon. Clicking it pops up a menu like right-clicking an Awn applet would.

Of course, that's not all the exciting news: the translation template has been updated and there are 12 languages at least partially-translated, and two (Spanish and British) are completely translated. Nine others are over 50% translated. Of course, there are many thanks to the translators. If you want to help with translations, just start here.

The Awn rewrite has still been progressing. Affinity now supports it automatically, but still stays with gilir has been working on Debian packaging and has a Jaunty package of revision 160 in his PPA for testing. Also, he is now a member of ~affinity-devel.

In other Linux news, I've been using the fonts from Android a la these instructions. They look great and use much less space. Also, the beta of Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope, was released. I've been trying it in a VM since alpha 4 and it's been working great, with only a few minor bugs and (surprisingly!) no audio problems. I decided to skip 8.10 because I didn't feel compelled enough to upgrade and I heard of audio problems, so 9.04 should bring plenty of changes (hopefully not including dataloss). I've also added a countdown (24 days as of writing) to the right on my blog.