Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Been a While

Almost two months. Very much has happened: new year, new presidency, new semester.

Awn Rewrite
The Awn rewrite has been progressing rapidly, with bugfixes and new features. Malept has written up a blog entry about it. The rewrite magic happens here.

Awn Trunk
More work has been done on mostly bugfixes and translations. Even the ages-old bug of Awn crashing when the taskmanager applet is removed was fixed. Check this branch for the changes.

Awn Extras
Awn Extras has had considerable development: Comics, Cairo Clock, Awn Terminal, PyNot, and the build system all had significant work. [Branch]

Affinity development hasn't been very active over this time, though there's been a bit more development recently. Affinity now correctly detects Beagle if it's installed and now installs an Awn applet if Awn's installed. [Forum thread]