Sunday, July 06, 2008

¡Hola, mundo!

Every blog by a developer always starts with some post like this. I work on this... I made this... I use this... Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera... I'd love to have this post somehow be different, but I'm all out of ideas, so...

My name is Matt and I develop some stuff for open-source projects. Really, for now, it's just one (Avant Window Navigator). I made the detachable To-Do List Applet and Run Applet. I also made the File Browser Launcher applet, which is in Awn Extras >= 0.2.4. I'm working on an applet currently named "Sin Nombre," which is a rewrite of the BlingSwitcher applet. It's still a WIP, but it's certainly better than nothing. One thing about my applets (excluding File Browser Launcher) is that they can all detach from the dock, and be just as functional.

I also have a little Launchpad branch, which will allow you to change the colors of Awn's dialogs. [Link] I have another little Launchpad branch, which I use for my applets and other Awn stuff, such as an Awn Emulator. [Link to branch]

Right now, basically all I'm working on is Sin Nombre (it needs a name) and the Run Applet. You might also see me on the Awn Wiki a bit.

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