Thursday, June 25, 2009

Intoducing Memorizer!

About three weeks ago, it was exam studying time for me. I had a list of 60 mostly unfamiliar vocabulary terms to know for the exam. A bit of googling brought me to WordNet. I wrote a simple Python script to quickly retrieve the 60 definitions from the downloaded version and output everything to a single file. Then, I had to memorize all these terms, so I wrote a simple flash cards app in Python + Gtk. I decided to expand this simple app into what is now Memorizer.

Memorizer offers a Flash Cards mode for quick memorization. Matching has the user match the terms on the left with those on the right. Multiple Choice offers a basic testing mode in which the user chooses which term on the right goes with the one on the left. And Vocabulary quickly builds the list of words and definitions and allows the user to choose from different definitions and parts of speech.

I have future plans for Memorizer, such as a distraction-eliminating fullscreen mode and the sharing and downloading of lists.

Memorizer and its development reside in Launchpad. Of course, there is a PPA available for Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) to 9.10 (Karmic). If you want to help out, you can report bugs or suggest features by filing a bug report. Memorizer is also fully translatable. Lastly, if you want to contribute code, memorizer is 100% C and I try to keep the code clean. :)


Anonymous said...

Seen Anki? Pretty mature software.

Sharkbaitbobby said...

@Anonymous: Yes I have, along with Granule, KWordQuiz, and Mnemosyne, and I thought they were too complex and difficult to use. Memorizer is supposed to be more on the simple side. Also, at exam time, I had another list with terms separated by a comma (not quite CSV though, I think), and none of these programs seemed able to load it, but Memorizer can (or will be able to, at least :).