Sunday, June 13, 2010

Awn Indicator Applet Now Available

In Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) the GNOME-Panel Indicator Applet became a major part of the User Interface. There have been many requests for a similar applet in Awn, and today I am happy to report that one is now available in the Awn-Testing PPA for Lucid and Maverick! For many users, including me, this was the only thing preventing them from removing their (relatively ugly) GNOME-Panels.

Adding (or updating) the Awn-Testing PPA and installaing avant-window-navigator-trunk will include the Indicator Applet. Go to the Applets page of Awn Settings to add the applet. For full effect, also remove the applet from your GNOME-Panel (if any).

If you are building awn-extras from source, pass --with-indicator to after updating your branch.

The icons I'm using in the screenshots have been very popular among Awn users; they are from the Token icon set. I have organized collections of these icons for all the Awn applets and as many apps as I could find. To use them, download the archive and extract the files to ~/.icons/awn-theme/scalable - the icons should appear immediately. Download: Dark set, Light set

In case you haven't heard already, there is a new Awn style available, as seen in my screenshots, called Lucido. It is very stylish and it's available in the Awn-Testing PPA. Add Expander applets to define where the curves should be and change the "Curviness" variable to change how curved the curves are.


Michael said...

Awesome work, this looks really excellent. It wouldn't hurt to mention that after adding the PPA, you should install avant-window-navigator-trunk and not just avant-window-navigator, which isn't necessarily obvious.

Did you mean to say use "expander" applets instead of separators? That is what seems to do it for me, though I can't get a raise center without also having raised left and right sides.

Sharkbaitbobby said...


You're right about the PPA; I changed it to mention -trunk.

I forgot that I've been using a newer version of Lucido[0] that hasn't been merged to trunk, so there are some differences, such as using separators instead of expanders.
Did you try putting an expander all the way to the left? It might work; if not then just wait until it's remerged into trunk. :)


Alby Rock 87 said...

Great work Sharkbaitbobby!! :D
I'm compiling it right now!!

Anonymous said...

I posted a pastebin link over in WebUpd8 that has what (I hope) you need.

Kruptein said...

Can you give your settings?
or colors because I really love the colors in that way!

ronin117 said...
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ronin117 said...

hy, sorry for my bad english... Indicator-applet in my awn crash. I posted the output of "avant-window-navigator --sync" here:
any idea? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Awn is simply great, and I've been using the testing ppa for sometime. Everything else works fine except this new indicator applet. I really want this to work! It's the last thing I need to clear my gnome-panel!

The output in my logs is here:

I am using rgba transparency, if that matters. Everything else in Awn works fine with it, but it cashes stuff a lot, so seems worth a mention.

mikerbot said...

This is great! But it took my a few hours to figure out that it is not compatible with the ubuntu studio theme on 10.04. (at least for me)

libindicator-WARNING **: Unable to find icon in theme.

And then a whole bunch of fail about GdkPixbuf. As soon as I change my theme, all is well, change it back again, crash. Maybe a backup set of icons would be a simple solution? Thanks so much for your work!

mikerbot said...

Ack! Was way off. It actually crashes every restart of AWN, regardless of what icon pack I'm using. But it will work if I change the icons I'm using and restart the applet. I can even change them back to my previous icons. Weirdness?

Sharkbaitbobby said...

Hi guys, I've committed some changes which will appear in the next PPA update. Everything should be fixed then! (It's also more customizable; right-click->preferences!)

Thanks for using indicator-applet and reporting bugs!

Briareos said...

I love this theme/style. I'ld like to have the awn bar be as high as the icons (like in your screenshots) but in my configuration is just about half the height of the icons... how can I change this?

Sharkbaitbobby said...

Briareos: try changing the "3D Angle" variable to 0 (or 90, I forget).

Briareos said...

@Sharkbaitbobby: thanks changing the angle resolved.

Ewurah said...

hey, can you please export your theme and email it to me. I'd be very grateful. Coz I have tried to edit it but can't get it perfect.